Google DNS used with Blokada Cloud (not blokada+)

Hi, I just discovered via that I use six Google DNS servers. (I configured the private dns on my android phone with the blokada cloud dns and it works = blokada cloud is used as I see on the cloud website)

Do I misinterpret this result?

When using wireguard (in addition to my blokada private DNS entry) then there is only one dns entry. The blokada one.
I expected this to be used all the time, i.e. also without vpn.

Should this worry me? Always using a VPN is something I d like to avoid.

Any ideas to this point?


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Same here, I think this is a big problem. For me it is a showstopper to use blokada.
The title should be “DNS Leak in blokada cloud” and it is still the same as I noticed just now (on Android by the way, but the os doesn’t matter).

Can please someone from the team say something to this, since this is for me a key feature and the reason I pay for blokada.

Blokada+ uses our own blokada DNS.
Blokada cloud uses Google DNS. Google cannot trace back the request to you individually since blokada cloud acts as a proxy. Google DNS will only see that blokada issued a dns query, they cannot trace that back to your individual device.
A lot of common queries are also cached by blokada cloud making further contact with the Google dns obsolete. Cloud uses Google dns since that’s faster, more reliable and better scalable internationally than our own dns provider. This was made necessary since we’re offering blokada cloud for around 20 euros per year. Blokada+ (which is 5 euros per month) comes with our own dedicated Plus dns as soon as you connect to one of our gateways.
The bottom line is:
Cloud offers ad and tracking blocking to a majority of users. Changing your DNS itself does not increase your privacy by a lot compared to using just ad and tracker blocking. What does make a rather big difference is using a vpn though. That’s what blokada+ is for. It changes your IP and location while both of which would remain the same on Cloud regardless. On top of that it uses our own dns.

Blokada cloud = ads and tracking being blocked, proxy to Google DNS (your local network provider dns isn’t being used)
Blokada+ = ads and tracking being blocked, IP and location changed, DNS set to blokada dns (neither Google nor local dns being used)

Yes, I feel like I had a stroke halfway through writing this.

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