Is there DNS leaking and user tracking on Blokada?


according to:

There is DNS leaking, storing of private keys in an unencrypted way and other things in Blokada.
Perhaps you can give your point of view to that.



Are there DNS leaks?

I couldn’t find any details on what leaks the post was referencing to, but in general the answer is No.
All DNS traffic is encrypted by default when you enable Blokada.

However in Blokada v5 we still allow you to use clear text DNS in settings which would be trivial for your ISP or network admin to listen in on (if you’re not also using Blokada Plus).

In Blokada v6 there is only encrypted DNS.

They upload your private keys to Google servers unencrypted

No :laughing:

Thanks for your reply.
I am not surprised.

BTW. How can I ensure, that the DNS is encrypted in Blokada5?
I mostly have the VPN turned off.
I did not find a way to specify, that the DNS has to be encrypted on my phone.

Choose a dns with the “lock” symbol in front

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