For Canadians.... Blokada DNS problem

For any Canadians here, i set my DNS to Blokada, and immediately started having problems. The Service Canada web site for Tax/HST is different from the Service Canada CPP/OAS and CTB. Both sites as i use them, require me to log in using my bank. Doing so, should bring up a security question, but instead, states that the site can’t load. However, before you get a chance, the correct page comes up. Following this, there should be a 2 factor page saying a code will be sent to my phone. Instead, again i am told the page can’t load, and again before i react, the correct 2 factor pages appears. After this, you are allowed in to the site. I believe all is in order, however, the repeated “page can’t load” followed by the page that does load tends to make one concerned that the site is hacked and my banking etc. can be stolen. I have no proof of this, but in today’s world…

Funny thing… if i change my DNS to Cloudflare, the screen appear one by one in correct order without a single “unable to load page”. I might suggest if you are Canadian, and have reason to use either the Tax/HST Service Canada site or the CPP/OAS Service Canada site, you change to Cloudflar before doind so if you are using the Blokada DNSvsite.

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Maple syrup…
I mean yes.
Any further intel on this weird thingy?
Also… Any chance European police could get a hold of these old ceremonial mounted police uniforms? I really like them.

Please note that the Queen died but I still refuse to consider “God save the king” as the new/old anthem the same way as I can’t believe the monarchy didn’t skip one king or still exists in the first place

The problem seems to have been corrected in 22.4.14, at least, for now. The feds keep “updating” their web sites, so hopefully, they don’t break things.

As for the RCMP uniforms, I believe they remain in use for dress and formal occasions, plus I believe they were required today for the Ottawa Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph.

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