don't like it

I knew some about the service but, still don’t even know how much this gets made use of, what normal check-in with the server rates would be and most importantly its limits.

Here is the documentation

And while I see that they do discuss several things that would be major concerns like just completely changing the app stealing private data basically updating it to something else… Seems a more so say you shouldn’t and you can’t.

EdIT, sorry got to ranting and meant to those this in here; as anyone blocked this yet and seen what happens? My assumption is you won’t even really notice except maybe some of your settings or icons might be different than somebody else says and there’s probably some settings that you fight to keep set a certain way that they don’t want you to set it that way that will then stay. But I can imagine it breaking anything

End edit start rant

Already the permissions seem pointless. Like one of those Psychological experiments for they get you to play with levers or switches just to feel better about something that is basically just completely random.

Then For some reason they still have not addressed the whole clicking dagger thing factor you can completely hijacked device to do almost anything based on to permissions that don’t have to be in the same app SMH.

And of course f Droid has an app that spits you a bunch of critical info just to show you that permissions are broken.
( And I believe this whole situation is actually magnified by all our blue Ware which they really like to attach to critical systems. I’ve never gone deep enough to say for sure but if my understand is correct of app linker when it is used to bond two apps they can now use the others resources like networking or access phone etc?

I remember back in the 90’s The vast majority of people I knew actually used a certain Internet provider that have messaging in everything and everyone loved it
… but impossible to clean off your PC, read ton private data. Eventually a major web service that tracked things like malware and viruses actually just dumped it in a category.

And write an article not when you go that’s what Facebook was now and must say…Google isn’t abt better.

I’m still just absolutely shot at how much data both of those companies gate have no way really just effectively contacting anyone at all and can’t verify your identity…

Sadly, I’ve now found I actually can’t even joked with my phone install a different product forcing the best privacy apps because… because

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