[Festure request] splitt tunneling on block connections(?)

As its beyond my knowledge/understanding i. Not sure if its even possible but can split tunneling be incorporated so that it is possible to have the block connectio s that don’t use the VPN but still allow some traffic, say my food delivery services that hate VPN) “normal” traffic?

I prefer the block all. As I’ve recently learned there are THOUSANDS of daily connections that serve no purpose beyond handing out some little data chunk of my personal life. And TBH you can’t trust that they won’t make every possible effort to ig ore your VPN.

While the theory is you save battery and data I’ve noticed a common result of blocking one of these connections is the app will basically refuse to shut up.

It goes from one c* name attempt to endless Query attempts.

(Over time you might include improved metric displays that allow us to more easily read per app the connections cough firewall like netguard cough and a short cut to the menus that allow you to sleep them.