Error message (Android)

Since a few days, when I start Blokada, the following message appears:
Make sure that you are online [nonsense, I am online]
Error message: API request failed.

No idea what that means, why it appears or how to solve this. I do not even know if Blokada works as it should.


My Motorola one ace has been doing the same thing.
I open the blokada app and I get the part about seeing if I’m online and
(Debug info: api request failed)
Blokada seems to work after I close the alert but I have no idea what is making the program think there is a problem.

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Which app version are you guys using exactly (See Blokada → Settings tab → This device → scroll down → see blokada/xxx)

You must be using an old version of Blokada, please try updating to v22.4.20 and the issue will be resolved.


I had to manually update but that did fix it.

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version 22.3.7.
I tried to update to 22.4.20, but in updatable apps list Blokada was missing.

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Blokada 5 can be updated from our website

You may need to uninstall your current version first.