DNS in Blokada 5 vs. 6 on Android

Hello community,

in the past I used Blokada 5 on my kid’s android devices. In V5 I can choose filter lists (e.g. add-blocking, fake news, etc.) as required and define which DNS Service to use (e. g. cloudflaire’s “family-friendly” DNS). With the DNS Option I could ensure that a specific DNS is used regardless which network the kids device is connected to. I investigated on an upgrade to Blokada 6 - but as far as I understood, Blokada 6 now uses DNS for filtering instead of a virtual VPN. This means that I still can select the required filter lists, but I am no longer able to set an individual, public DNS (e.g. cloudflaire server at the same time like in Blokada 5. Is this right? Isn’t this a loss of functionality?

Greetings, Tom

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