Connection very slow / no connection with blokada on Mac

I have DoT connection on my Router to Blokada and recognized, that the download speed is quite low. A speediest shows about 5 Mbit with a 50 MBit connection. Removing the DoT from the Router I get about 48 MBit.

Then I tried it with the MacOS Profile, installed it, deactivated the LittleSnitch Profile and Enabled the Blokada Profiles. It switches to green and everything looks alright. However, I have no connection / web pages are not loading (there is no message, it looks like the page is loading, but it takes long and nothing happens). Profile has been generated from my Account Page

As soon as I deactivate the Profile, anything is fine again.

Seems to be an issue on the Mac itself, because it is the only device where this happens. No idea why, will make a restore of an older backup. I am sure it worked last week.

I reinstalled my Mac because I was not able to solve the issue. However, this fixed it

Yes. That doesn’t sound like a problem with Blokada to me. There is problem with the configuration on your side.

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