Connection problem to local devices with Blokada PLUS android 10

It looks like with android 10 blokada PLUS can’t connect to local network devices.

I use Blokada Plus with version 4.9.0 “fyra” on two devices:
Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F, android 8
Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e SM-T720, android 10

Test with 2 connections:

  • from device via wlan to FritzBox 7490 to Notebook or NAS-device with total commander.
  • sync device to notebook with MyPhoneExplorer via wlan

With smartphone(android 8) no problem, Blokada PLUS is ON (also ok when off).
With Tablet (android 10) no connection possible if Blokada PLUS is ON, connection ok if Blokada PLUS is OFF.

It’s totally normal that you cannot reach local domains easily.
That is because blokada plus does what it is supposed to be doing: It’s routing all your traffic through the gateway and doesn’t let traffic circumvent the gateway easily as that is a potential security hazard.
Try allowlisting totalcommander so it isn’t getting tunneled anymore

Yes, but local connection can easy identified by 192.168.178.* and why there is no problem with android 8 ?

Maybe you’ve allowlisted stuff on your other device or set your private dns to automatic instead of off

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