Certain web pages or results in apps can not be opened

Maybe someone can help me: I have the following blocklists enabled on iOS in the current app: Energized, Steven Black, Goodbye Ads and AdAway.

Now, when I do a search on Google, for example, it is not possible to click on ads - the page does not open. The same happens in apps like Medizinfuchs or similar apps.

It’s annoying to always turn off Blokada first here to be able to perform this task.

How do you do it?

You want to access ads?
That’s like… Not the point of Blokada… But… You might want to try different blocklists

Yes, I know it sounds weird, but I’m sure other users are experiencing similar things. What’s weird about not being able to use search results in apps like Medizinfuchs or idealo without turning off Blokada?

That’s all caused by the blocklists you’re using.
Try different lists

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OK. Thanks.

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