Cannot whitelist app

I cannot whitelist a single app

I am on Android, device spec Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 pro, Android 10, Miui global 11.0.7

Downloaded blokada from the site

App is

Consulta “Aggretsuko : the short timer strikes back”

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How would you describe the issue? Can you share Screenshots of it?

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Can’t screenshot, it is an app problem

I just do not see ads like playing (I need ads to farm coins etc)

If I dismiss blokada, ads start to flow again

So you whitelisted the app? But there aren’t any ads anyway?

Correct. Blokada running, created exception for app, exception not working.

Many thanks

Have you tried rebooting your phone?
If that didn’t help: Allowlist Google Play Services

Working as you said, allow Google Play Services.


Be aware: Allowlisting Google Play Services opens the door for all kinds of ads all around the system

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Will stay alert

Thanks again

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