Cannot complete VPN setup on Chrome Flex

Hi there,

Have a Chrome OS 104.XX, which has a native support of Wireguard VPN.

Downloaded the config file, opened it up and pasted all the information in the VPN profile, but after that the “connect” button stays greyed out, so there is some information missing.

Did somebody succeed in creating a VPN profile manually? Getting desperate.



I’m not aware of the native support for Wireguard VPN in ChromeOS and unfortunately I don’t think anyone in the team is currently using ChromeOS to give proper guidance.

Have you tried to use the official WireGuard app? In there, there should be a “create from file” or “import” option. You might need to unzip the config file in some cases as the WireGuard apps vary slightly between platforms.

Hi Johnny,


I have a Flex version which doesn’t have Play Store, so I cannot try out the connection via app.

The Blokada config does not provide the preshaped key nor the interval to keep alive, guessing if that could be the issue?

You might want to try one of the official wireguard clients:

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