Blokada wireguard on macos without app store client

I’m wondering if anyone has blokada Plus running on macos without an apple ID.
I’ve installed the wireguard packages from homebrew but cannot quite figure out how to get it working. The documentation for wireguard is abysmal and I think this would be a good topic to sort out or those using mac hardware but not wanting an apple ID.


after a lot of searching i came across these posts (both are needed for M1 macs, as M1 requires modification and annoying $PATH stuff over intel):

I still had to tweak the settings a bit but I at least got it connected.

in the second link there’s a link to an article about auto starting it with launchd

I was going to say that you should install WireGuard from the App Store, but now I understand that this is what you are referring to that you want to avoid :slight_smile:

Thank you for providing the links, as far as I can tell you resolved your issue yourself :+1:

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