Blokada v5 consumes (drains) too much battery

Same issue. It’s almost unusable bc it’s draining too much battery life on S20.

Maybe one of domains is reached too often. My top one blocked domain is “” with 46k tries. Second one is “huqindustries co uk” with 17k tries and third one is “” with 15k tries. Try to add your top domain/s to whitelist and see if it helps.

We know about one case where the user delete Firefox Nightly version from the device and Blokada didn’t flood the log with the Forwarder message anymore.
And as @Kruemelmonster mentioned, in his case the Eufy Security App generated the open sockets.

It worth to check which apps are running in the background and doing something on the device.

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I don’t have any battery drain issues when I’m using AdGuard instead of Blokada…

Does Blokada 4 support DNS over https? I’m still experiencing this issue and I’d rather downgrade to 4 than to keep dealing with this.

Bingo! I removed Firefox and Blockade no longer appears at the top of the battery consumption list. It’s weird, as Firefox was never running in the background.

Edit – Nope. It’s still at the top of the list. Back to digging.