Blokada v3 is out!

Blokada v3 is now released and I’m gradually rolling out the update to all users. If you haven’t received it yet, stay tuned, or just go the download section.

This release is introducing a lot of changes and improvements, and you’ll see all of them described in detail in next several posts. Meanwhile, here are the highlights:

  • Improved “Keep Alive” feature. This is addressing the problem of Blokada being killed by the OS too often on some devices.
  • Improved “Start of Boot” feature. Now Blokada starts earlier in boot and is more dependable.
  • Introduced HTTPS to Blokada API and website to improve security and prevent MITM attacks.
  • Introduced Blokada Chat. You are welcome to join us on Telegram!
  • Introduced Blokada Patron. This feature aims to help supporting the project and at the same time reward contributions and active members of the community.
  • Introduce “Chip In”, a periodic Call to Action mechanism to engage the userbase and help make community decisions. As a first order of business, the Blokada community is having a vote to express their opinion on Blokada branding.
  • Simplified and refreshed UI to eliminate confusing bits, keep the codebase nimble and decrease apk size.
  • Simplified translating Blokada by decreasing the overall amount of strings, eliminating use of plural strings and keeping the core phrases set small.
  • Fixed several significant bugs, for example with the whitelist.

A detailed changelog is always available at

Thanks to the great team of Blokada translators, Blokada v3 is translated to 15 languages from the start. I can’t emphasize enough how awesome it is, especially because it was done on a really short notice.

Please note that some non-essential bits are still to be translated and you’ll see more complete translations in coming days.