Blokada no longer block twitch ads

Did u get it working?

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Ya i did eventually, it works now

Guessing you paid for it?

Nope, i just didnt update the new app, im using
Steven black
The block list project
Dan pollock’s hosts

One thing to note is when i initial launch twitch it takes about 60s for twitch to load then it works. You have to filter out a little but of stuff but after that im ad free

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Purchased cloud, cant get it to block ads on twitch ios

Not sure, i would put in a ticket w/devs can’t help you much.

Just purchased + version of blokada, still no blocking

It’s not supposed to do that. Blokada + is a vpn additionally to blokada Cloud.

And host based adblockers like blokada never guaranteed that twitch ads are blocked. This is due to the ads being sent using the same domain as the content. Blocking the ad connections would lead to blocking of the content. The only solution is https filtering and we actively opted against that

The only thing I used this app for was to block twitch ios ads, it worked before you guys went pay2use. So i’m trying to get it to work.

I’ve gone ahead and purchased the cloud version, hopefully it blocks twitch ads because thats the only thing i’m using it for.

Purchased cloud, cant get it to block ads on twitch ios.

Can anyone confirm, can you block twitch ios ADS with just the blokada cloud only?

I’ll quote myself here:

Generally, social networks ads (Instagram , Twitter, Facebook, Twitch etc.) and particularly sponsored ads, are served by the same service, hence they can’t be blocked by host/domain blocking, else the whole service would be blocked.

Our general recommendation for these services is to use one of the alternative wrappers for those services (there are plenty) that integrate ad blocking feature. These wrappers identify the ad and remove them from visualization.

Any you have in mind? As I paid for blokada+ and still getting twitch ad’s. I even tried changing my vpn region also.

I told you in advance that they’re not remotely connected. We do not promise twitch adblocking - we never did. Feel free to look for twitch wrappers online, I personally do not use the twitch app and therefore don’t know any wrappers as of right now

Unsure what you mean by “wrappers” on ios.
Anyway, before this app went pay 2 use, it was working as a twitch ad blocker.

For some lucky users that seems to be true. But blokada was never supposed to do so. It’s a host based adblocker. Blocked domains can’t be reached at all, it never inspected and altered traffic. We do not know why it works for some and not for the all because it’s actually expected that it doesn’t work for anyone.
Dns based adblockers should technically not be able to block such ads.
That’s not a bug. That’s a technical limitation of every purely dns based solution.
There’s a 7-day-money-back guarantee. I’ve mentioned that before :slight_smile:

No money back for me unfortunately

I have the same problem on my samsung galaxy s20. Ads on Twitch are not blocked anymore with blokada cloud, but they are when using the blokada app (the same blocklists are enabled for the app and blokada cloud).

Twitch ads use to be blocked using singapore vpn, and the plus edition.
The ad’s are back :frowning: