Blokada Icon


Blokada activation and disabling icon appears in the notification bar (not sure if the name) :

  1. I downloaded it from the website.

  2. My device is Redmi note 5 and I’m not using any custom rom. My Android version is Android 9.

  3. An icon for Blokada appears in the icons slider (which includes WiFi and data and Bluetooth and these types of icons for some apps) and the problem is that I can disable blokada with one press which I don’t want to happen as I am using it to block porn and I am hiding the app but this icon makes it easy to disable the app.

  4. I’ve been having this issue for maybe 4 months now.

  5. I tried to remove it from the app or the mobile settings but I couldn’t.

Would you mind providing a screenshot? Blokada isn’t meant for parental control by the way. There’ll always be ways to disable it

OK. I uploaded it. I know it’s not meant for parental control but it’s a collateral use as ithhelp me block access to twitter and reddit in addition to some adult websites.

You might be able to remove that tile on page three of the quick settings tile list. Swipe left one more time.
If there’s no option to do so you’re only left with dragging it somewhere where you don’t tend to click on :man_shrugging:
That’s a system thing

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