Blokada for iOS is paid now?

Then it’s pretty fairly priced if you ask me.

I had some issues in previous versions of the iOS app and these were fixed with v6. Now that everything is working seamlessly, I installed it on all my Apple devices.

And let’s be honest : the all-in-one service (VPN+customizable DNS) is a one of a kind. A good VPN which protects your privacy costs about 5€/month. The most similar customizable DNS on the market is NextDNS which is roughly 2€/month. Total : 7€/month which is the Blokada monthly sub.

With the yearly one though, it’s about 5,6€/month when it would cost you about 1,4€ more if you’d take separate VPN/DNS providers which, most of the time, don’t even work properly together. Especially on iOS.

Sounds fair to me. I’ll use the app on all my devices for one more week and see if I pay the yearly sub.


Maybe it‘s fair pricing, compared to other VPN-solutions. But I do not need any VPN. I only used the Ad-Filtering, which works fine for me, as it was.

I tested in the last few hours Blokada Cloud against Lockdown Privacy, I did not recognize any diffs at all. Lockdown works as well as Blokada did before.


Lockdown blocks fewer things. Then again, these few things are probably 80% of what you see on common websites. Probably less so on porn and national sites with local ad agencies.

Well thats sucks. Can’t really complain tho, app blocked more than 130k ads for free for me and I hadn’t even had it for a full year. Much appreciated.

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Hi guys, I can fully understand you all complaining about the blokada tactics to lure us users into a paid model.

I used blokada for years and had no problems at all . The apple privacy issue the developer mentioned here sounds for me like an excuse .

I wish I could install and use the old blokada 5.x version cause there were no problems at all . All worked fine and suddenly blokada made an update to version 6.x and mentioned it faster and better but hide the fact that it’s not free anymore .

What a shame . There is no excuse to not warn us User about the paid version. You read it’s faster and better and see it’s a lie and they want money only !

Guys do you know how to install the old 5.x blokada version ?

I have a working alternative after years of blokada on my iPhone : NextDNS

It’s works without problems and blocks adds even in other apps not in the browser only and best : it’s Free . It’s like blokada and I installed it yesterday - no problems .

So if you are as disappointed and upset as me , make a change and try it out.

If anyone knows a better apps like blokada let me know .

Thanks guys .


Here’s our press release regarding v6 :slight_smile:

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I enjoyed blokada while i can. Though, once i found that blokada is pay to use in version 6.0. I can’t tell you enough how much i dislike this update. I only use blokada for one app and thats twitch ad blocking. For me its not a vpn or anything along those lines, its just a ad-block and it doesnt do the best against youtube. I just use this simply for twitch.


Hi there
I am one of your application user and it was working not so perfect but good till two days ago and I made the the big mistake in updating the app on my iPhone 7 plus and when it was finished I was surprised that it became with anual fees. So I decided to remove the application from my device and i did it, then I restarted the device and i was shocked to see the application show up again on home screen and tried to delete it several times and no way to remove it. And even though the app is not working and not starting and not able to delete it.
So it is a a big failure to you and your app.

The fact that it was updated without disclosing it in the update description was very poorly done


I honestly sucks that now you have to pay or else you can’t use it. This was one of the best adblockers I’ve ever used for free and I don’t think they will go back to it being free :(. They really lived long enough to see themselves become the villains.

No. We’re not “villains”. We’re mostly community volunteers which the open source project heavily relies on. We wouldn’t take such a drastic step unless it seems inevitable.
We’ve received lots of issue reports in the past regarding failure of adblocking. That’s the feedback we received. Based on that feedback we needed to act.
And the only solution to that is blokada Cloud.
The libre approach doesn’t work properly on iOS anymore while it’s still available on android as long as that’s possible there. We’re trying to keep up with the sweeping changes system updates create and - unluckily - there’s no other solution to the apple framework update than blokada Cloud. We spent weeks trying to figure out how to fix the iOS app but that’s the only solution available.

I’m glad to see so many more community members in here now though :slight_smile:
Welcome to our humble little forum :smiley:
I hope you’ll enjoy your stay and keep providing constructive feedback on upcoming releases and topics


We honestly didn’t expect so much traction that soon. We expected the on-going roll-out to be slower so yes:
We might have underestimated that thinking that our past press releases regarding the situation and the TestFlight are enough for the time being

Try NextDNS it blocks adds in Twitch and is free . It’s like blokada systemwide blocking apps for FREE .

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So does Blokada Cloud work with blocking twitch ios ads? As i’d be happy to pay for that.

I would want something reliable and always works if i’m paying.

That’s hardly achieved using dns based adblocking.
We’d need to decrypt your https traffic to do so and we’ve actively decided against that since that could pose an incredible security hazard.
Here’s more on https filtering:

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I’d like to ask you to voice your concerns in a respectful manner.
I will not engage in the conversation you’re trying to start :slight_smile:
Please, stay polite and calm. It’s totally understandable that there’s disappointment on your end but I’d love to keep this conversation civil.


So no more twitch ad blocking on the iOS app? :o Thats losing me as a customsr.

It might work but there’s never been a guarantee for that. That’s due to the fact that ads are served from the same sources as content is. And that’s encrypted. We’d need to break open the encryption which could cause significant damage to you and your device if that certificate would be hijacked by malicious third parties
Feel free to try the 7 day trail
Maybe you’re lucky :smiley:


Unsure if this is true, as ive had NextDNS & cant get it to work properly for twitch.

I don’t see any trial message, I’m saying the VPN worked for twitch ios app before it became pay2use.