Blokada for android stops my data network

So summarizing you have two options currently:

  1. stay on v4 - use AdGuard DNS as long as it works, otherwise change to your ISP for that time.
  2. update to v5 - use AdGuard DNS while it works, if it doesn’t use another DNS which is DoH but doesn’t block content.

In both cases Tasker (or a similar app for example Automate) could come in handy: they can turn off Blokada as soon as you are on cellular data. A guide on how that works can be found here:

Ooooh! Interesting. Does blokada have their own tasker?

Hm? Blokada supports Tasker, so with Tasker you can change settings in Blokada:)

Haha I’m clearly rather less experienced in this :sweat_smile:

Don’t worry! I only repeat the phrases others used:D I never worked with Tasker or Automate myself:)

Oh I see. Do you know how I can enable tasker?

Tasker is an app. Automate is the open-source version of it downloadable on F-Droid. I think Tasker has to be paid.
Edit: I’ll check whether I find the link, one sec:)

Ok perfect. Thank you for your help

Oh, sorry Automate is also from GPS…

Haha! That’s alright

Wait what do you mean by GPS?

Sorry, GPS=Google Play Store:D

Perfect:D Then I hope you will be able to work with that app in a good way, be sure to post a new topic if you need help with that:)
Any more questions for now:)?

No not at all. Thank you

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Great, you are very welcome!
Then have a nice weekend:)

You too!

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