Blokada for Android doesn't block ads on anymore

Huawei P20
Android 10
Blokada 5 from

Blokada doesn’t block Ads on anymore.

Adding more blockings lists did not help.

Can’t see any activity belonging to that website in Blokada.

An ideas?

Kind regards

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Found solution by myself:

I had enabled the Ad Blocker of my Opera browser additionally to Blokada.

Perplex result:

Blokada and enabled Opera Ad Blocker unblocks Ads on

Blokada and disabled Opera Ad Blocker blocks the Ads.

I’m glad you managed to address this yourself :slight_smile:

Now the Ads are being showed again – with or without Opera Ad Blocker and in any case with Blokada.

I’ve made great experiences with the brave browser and bromite
Give them a try
They’re also much more privacy friendly than opera

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