Blokada for Android blocks TomTom AmiGO maps visualization

Hi there :slight_smile:
I just installed TomTom AmiGO, for android.
Running blokada ( V 4.8.3 downloaded from AmiGo won’t show any maps, despite everything else seems to work correctly, like settings, search …

I added the app to the blokada ignored app list, but nothing changes, I get the same behavior.

The only two solutions I found so fare are :

  • disabling completely blokada
  • unistalling TomTom AmiGO and running waze.

Can you suggest a third and better :wink: solution?
Thanks :call_me_hand:t2:

Remove TomTom AmiGO from the app bypassed list and reboot your device. Open you’re amigo app then open blokada. Go to host log and manually whitelist/allow any domain that your app is trying to reach. Stop & clear the cache of you’re amigo app and see if this works.

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