Blokada 5 suddenly blocks navigation

hi, I have a Motorola edge 30 neo with android 13 stock. all of a sudden, maybe after the latest Android patch with restart of the device, if Blokada 5 is on (default settings) it blocks navigation. blokada version is the latest downloaded from your site. if I deactivate blokada the navigation is fine. I restarted again the phone, did activation/deactivation cycle on blokada but still does the problem. also cleared cache, data, uninstalled and reinstalled. thank you.

Hey @paul74,

Thanks for posting about this, can you please share what active blocklists you currently have “ON”?

You can check by going to the advanced tab → Blocklists → Select “Active Blocklists”.

hi there. only the OISD is on.

don’t know if you did something on the servers but at the moment blokada is working back again on my phone.

Hey @paul74 ,

I would like to suggest that you bypass all system apps by going to:

Advanced tab → Apps → System → Click on the three lines in the top right → Toggle all system apps.

This should help, but please let me know if it doesn’t and we’ll troubleshoot it further.

the app is working back again by itself already yesterday, don’t know why honestly. you can close the support thank you.

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