Blokada does not block ads in Mapfactor Navigator

when using my android mobile phone as a navigation device I use Mapfactor Navigator (installed though the Google Play Store an updated it several times).
When the app starts no adds apear. Once you have started the the Map-manager and new mapupdates are found and you download them the map manager shows some decent appearing adds below the status of your downlaods. The operating of the navigation software itself is without adds. If you close this app and have confirmd that you will end the navigation a huge add (mostly adds for games) blocks the complete device and you cannot end the comercial. Only the home-button can end the program and only then you can return to your homescreen. The operating mode (wifi or mobile data) makes no difference in its behavior displaying adds.

Blockada was downloaded from “” and updated several times. the status of blockada is the latest version. I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 not rooted. Mapfactor Navigator was originaly downloaded from the google play store. Mapfactor has been showing adds in the map-manager from the beginning on but the adds when ending the program have started recently, when the user interface had changed.

Have you any suggestion the suppress the adds in the map manager and the adds (which block the device) at the end at the program ?

Have you tried different lists? Can you provide Screenshots of the ads?

Here you are:

I have several lists activated:
Steven Black unified
energized Blu
Goodbuy adds by jerryn70
Phishing Army Blocklist
Youtube Werbeblocker von Jerryn70
Peter Lowes Hostsdatei
Social hosts file

More could not be loaded

unfortunately I don’t know which App to use to monitor the IP-trafic of an app to block manualy certain servers

What does this app do?

Reduce the amount of lists please. Energized Blu and Jerryn70 should be more than enough.
Try again afterwards

It seems, as if the redudction of the number of hostlist has brought a positiv result. At the Moment it seems as if the ads are being blocked when ending the app. Thanks for the tipp