Blokada DNS IP

I want to use Blokada DNS on windows.
Cloud flair numbers are
What are the Blokada DNS numbers?

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Currently the Blokada DNS beta does not provide a clear text DNS option. I understand that this is probably what you’re looking for.

You may however use a system wide encryption (Blokada DNS included) in Windows by subscribing to Blokada Plus.

Another option is to use the encrypted Blokada DNS in any web browser that supports DoH, such as Firefox.
Simply enter: in the custom DoH settings.



Many thanks for your answer

Hum, is there actually any way to KNOW it is encrypted?

I assume If I replace chromes “use my current DNS provider” with the above address and check with and it comes back belonging a server that shares youre name sake it MUST be?

Other wise pages wouldn’t load or I would have gotten a different DNS server?

Yes, if you see a different DNS after changing the setting all is good.
All settings about “DoH” a.k.a. Dns over HTTPS is always encrypted. Blokada DNS doesn’t accept traffic that is not encrypted.

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@Karol What DNS is used from Blokada? Example: Cloudflare - I wanted to use it on my rodent or on other devices.