DNS connection problems

I have connection problems in Blokada 5 with Cloudfare and Blokada DNS, which one should I choose that doesn’t have connection problems?

That’s your choice. Both are fine from our end

It says that I should choose the nearest DNS server and I don’t know which one is, are there any European servers?

You may choose whatever you wish to choose

Ok thx

Can I choose these crossed DNS servers because it says that they don’t have encryption?

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They don’t support DoH
If you’re fine with that, sure. Choose one of them :man_shrugging:

What is DoH?

Please read the guides we created and consider checking Wikipedia for more detailed insights into doh. That’d make this much easier for me and more satisfying to you :slight_smile:

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Ok thx

I think I found out what the problem is, I tried the DNS servers with and without encryption and I have no connection problems with ones without encryption and when I disable the encryption on the ones that have it, I think there’s a problem with the Blokada encryption and the websites and apps

Or your ISP is enforcing a specific dns

I don’t know, everything works fine now when I disabled the encryption

Is there a way to disable the Blokada DNS and use the system one?

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