Hi there,
does DNS run via the DNS-over-TLS?
If not, what can I do as a Blokada user to take advantage of this security benefit?

And which DNS offers would you recommend?

I had massive problems with the digital courage a few days ago - is there a DNS server that offers similarly good data protection but is more powerful in terms of performance?

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Digitalcourage was upgrading their DoT capabilities but ran into issues in the process.
They claim to have fixed it by now.
DNS over HTTPS will be a perk of Blokada v5
Might just take a couple more beta updates

What would you recommend instead of Digitalcourage?
Because it’s still not working for me, seems like a bigger deal.

Then it makes more sense if I don’t use DNS via Blokada and use the Android 10 function where I can use DNS-over-TLS - right?

If you do that it’ll completely stop Blokada from working

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Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the warning.

You’re welcome

DoH has been implemented in v5.0.10
Please give that a try

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