Blokada Cloud

Hello, is it possible to add Blokada Cloud to Windows 11 DoH?

With Windows 11 it is possible to add the DoH Servers.

There is a Github article that explain how to add a custom doh server to Windows.

Could you add this with Blokada Cloud too? What is the IP for Blokada Cloud DNS Servers? It works with Adguard DNS.

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Currently the only official way that we support Blokada Cloud as a global setting on Windows is while connecting through Blokada Plus with WireGuard.

However if you are feeling lucky, you can try the settings below :slight_smile:

Preferred DNS:
Secondary DNS: none or same as above

For the “dohtemplate” setting, copy the URL shown in the browser config option on cloud install.


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It works flawlessly.

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