Blokada Cloud is out!

:tada::tada:Great News :tada::tada:

Blokada Cloud is LIVE and it’s amazing.

We would love for you to try it and give us your feedback.

Download it here:


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Finally, the wait is over. :+1: :+1:

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You can use Blokada Cloud on all your devices, you just need to make sure that you are using the same account ID on all of them.

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Thanks for sharing the good news.

How is Blokada Cloud different than the previous Private DNS ad-blocking service? Does it use the same technology, but with an easier to configure user interface (app)?

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Yes. An a dedicated UI as well as an integrated VPN client if your use Blokada Plus

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Thanks for the confirmation.

The biggest problem I had with Private DNS was that my company’s walled garden pre-authentication page wouldn’t load, so I couldn’t get onto the corporate network. This is a common issue with non-DHCP provided DNS servers (e.g. hotel or restaurant “accept our terms” pages).

Does Blokada Cloud allow the ability to exclude certain Wi-Fi networks from using the private DNS servers, similar to how Blokada 5 works?


I too would like to know the answer to this question.

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Blokada Cloud cannot be used only on certain wifi networks like it used to be in Blokada 5.

It is technically not possible to implement it in Blokada Cloud, because of the technical solution that we use is different than v5.

We are exploring solutions to implement this with Blokada Plus in the future but we don’t have a deadline yet.

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Yes, I guess. Seems pretty blurred to me.


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Blokada cloud very good it does what it says very pleased with it.
Guys very good job


Thank you for your support!

It is good to see that it is finally on the play store but can i suggest that if you could introduce a monthly plan for the cloud service as well as the annually payment please or introduce it as a free cloud service as well because personally speaking not everyone can afford it all the time and the cloud service is stated to be free in certain regions so why only certain regions?

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No. Blokada cloud is not free anywhere around the world.
There’s just countries which are eligible for a free trail according to Google guidelines.
That however does not make Cloud free. Its a 7 day trail we’re talking about

Then if it isn’t your description is misleading people on google play to think that it is.

I don’t think there is anything in the Google Play listing that indicates that Blokada Cloud is free, if there is please let me know which part so that we can rectify it.

It states the following which I say is misleading people

This is the paid offering, you may find the free version also on Google play for eligible regions, there is a 7 day trial

Firstly fare enough it is the paid version but… It does say free version it does not implement that it is a trial or any thing of that nature and the 7 day trial is for the paid offering not what you are Implementing and explaining in the about the app section this is what really needs to be rewritten to properly explain this to everyone because I cannot be the only one who has mis interpreted it thinking there is a free version of the cloud service when there isn’t