Blokada and Podcast Addict


I use Blokada on an Android 9.0 phone with an app called Podcast Addict, which I use both for downloading and playing podcasts. Some time ago - I am not sure which update of which app caused it - Blokada started to block automatic downloads of some of my podcasts (interestingly enough, it seems to block American ones, but not British). I’ ve realized it only recently when I started to wonder why I hadn’t heard some of my favourite podcasts for a while. I have to turn Blokada off temporarily and download them manually.

My question is: can I create somehow exceptions in Blokada settings for these individual podcast feeds and how? I don’t want to disable Blokada for the whole app, because I would still like to use it with the player.

Check the activity tab and try whitelisting domains there. Trail and error :slight_smile:

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