Blokada and Apple Private Relay


I have been using Blokada on iOS for some time now and I am very happy with it. Only the mobile hotspot does not work when blokada is activated - but that is not a major problem for me.

Now I am very interested in the new feature Private Relay in iOS 15. For my usage scenarios it seems to be a very good solution and I would like to use it. But will it work together with blokada? Has anyone had any experience in this regard and can report on it?

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Yes, it works just fine.
You may want to combine it with Blokada Cloud:

This way you would be using the native Apple extension also for the ad-blocking feature, through all apps. We will launch the native Blokada app integration soon, for now you can configure it via (Blokada 5 doesn’t have to be installed in this scenario).
I’m pretty confident that Blokada Cloud will work also in hot spot mode, if you configure the device(s) that connect through the hot spot to use it. There are no limitations on how many devices you can configure.

Please remember that the private relay does not protect traffic in other apps than Safari, it is not a full VPN service. To have full encryption throughout you would need to use Blokada Plus together with the WireGuard app or together with Blokada 5.

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