Blokada also blocks the SmartThings app


I have just installed your app.
Blokada seems to block adds quite effectively but the issue is that it also blocks the SmartThings app via wifi (it is an app to manage devices at home, like a sound bar). I am using a BlackBerry Key 2 working on Android 8.1.0.
Turning “DNS on HTTPS” off in the parameters does not help.

Please help unblock :slight_smile:

And THANK YOU for your great work which may for bring a real HAPPY NEW YEAR with maybe a phone free of ads!

hello, try bypassing your app inside blokada and reboot your device.

Hello murdock86, thank you very much for your prompt reply.
Could you please specify what “bypassing the app inside Blokada” entails?
I am new to this :slight_smile: .

Have a nice day,

Basically it excludes that app from blokada’s blocking rules.

If for some reason you need to whitelist an app or host so it is not blocked, it’s very easy.

For an app, in Blokada tap the three lines at the bottom, go to Apps / Installed or System apps. There search for the app that you face problems with. Set it’s status to ‘bypassed’. Reboot your device.

To whitelist a domain, either add it manually to Ad blocking / Allowed Hosts or tap on the entry in the Host log. Select ‘block’.

Thank you so much, indeed it was simple to enable bypassing without even having to reboot!

Now I have to check if this app is not too energy-consuming as my first hours of usage/several forum threads suggest. If you have best practices hear again to share, please do so :slight_smile: .

Happy New Year!

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