Blokada 6 goes not responding Pixel 8/Android 14

With Jan 3 version of Blokada 6 (no VPN) on a Pixel 8 with the lastest Android 14, Blokada will go not responding. Telling it to wait, does no good. The notification just keeps popping up. The phone is fairly vanilla, the only “mod” is the Nova Launcher. I saw in another thread that multiple devices had issues at one point and I do have 2 devices on Blokada 6.

Thanks in advance for any remedies.

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Hey @Pop06095 ,

Thanks for posting, can you please share your log via to be able to take a closed look at this?

I turned on logging in the “Activity” section. How do I access the log to send it to you?



Here’s how:

  1. Reproduce your problem

  2. Go to the app, tap the dots icon in top right

  3. Tap “Share log”

  4. Send the log to

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