Blockada doesn’t work on YouTube

Hello. YouTube doesn’t work. I am on iPadOS

Doesn’t work on YT

  1. I got it on the App Store
  2. I am using IPad 7th Gen IPadOS
  3. YouTube doesn’t work, I wanted to block it manually but I didn’t know what they were called
  4. This has been an issue as soon as I downloaded this app
  5. I tried to block it manually but didn’t know what the name was

Hi Kingbob. Are you saying that YT doesn’t work or that ad blocking is not working on YT?

It doesn’t block ads on YT. Sorry for being unclear

That’s ok, just making sure we’re on the same page.

Unfortunately blocking ads in YouTube is rather hit and miss. You can try the “goodbye ads” YouTube list but it may not block all ads and some videos will not load at all. (YouTube uses the same domains to serve ads as well as the content you want to actually watch!)

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