Advanced settings

I don’t understand the 3 features in Settings -> Advanced
1: What is Keep alive ?
2: What is Use DNS over HTTPS ?
3: What is Redirect links to ?

furthermore i play the game WordCross and this is don’t block enithing do you know why ?
when there is an ad displayed, the application remains on the ad and I cannot leave it !!!

WordCross :

Thank’s for all

  1. If Blokada will not run in the background due to it being killed by the system despite it being excluded from battery optimization, you should enable this feature.
  2. The benefits of Blokada DNS & What is DNS and how to configure it with Blokada?

Make sure Private DNS is disabled on your device. What device are you using? OS, Blokada version?

thanks for your help

  • Private DNS is disabled
  • My device: samsung A10
  • Blokada version: OS Blokada 5 5.6.0

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