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Blokada 5.19, from this site, Android 9 on tablet. As an experiment, I set three block lists, DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar, Combined Privacy Block Lists, and 1Hosts, set at Xtra (Wildcards). On my phone (LG Q Stylo+) this results in a d3ward ad blocker test of 100%. On my tablet, I did the ad blocker test with the same setup (both connecting via network, not data on phone) and the test said 21% blocked. Checking Blokada activity screen showed all red… no green (allowed) sites. Cleared the list and did the same test. This time ad blocker said 54% (with no settings changed in Blokada), but the activity screen, although all red, showed 4 sites blocked. Again cleared the list, and repeated the test, getting 41% blocked. Activity list showed multiple blocked sites, and one allowed…

I repeated this same scenario multiple time, with the ad blocker test reading from 21% to 98% with no change in Blokada’s settings.

My question is…is the activity list reliable, or is the ad blocker test inaccurate and/or unreliable?


Make sure to set Private dns to “off”

Private DNS is off on both the Android 8.1 phone and 9.0 tablet, and has been since we were first told here to ensure it was off (which also happens to be the default for both versions).

What talbet are you referring to?

The phone is an LG Q Stylo+, the tablet is a Winnovo T10.

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