A question about vpn

Hello , i have a simple question. I downloaded Blakada 5 for android. And i have the following question: When the Mode vpn is on, is that the Same AS Nord vpn or Express vpn? So can i surfe anonym in the Internet? And Change the vpn my IP adress? And i have the normal version

It’s the same type of VPN (ip masking) service yes. You’re ip will be hidden and you should be able to bypass restrictions imposed by your country or ISP.

The VPN (Blokada Plus) option, just like Nord or Express requires a subscription in order to be used (this alongside donations help support the project and provide everyone with a free adblocking solution)


ok but what is the difference between the vpn of the free and the blockda plus version?

Blokada Plus offers an actual vpn with different locations and IPs as well as all libre features and our own DNS.
Blokada Libre offers adblocking and dns Changing :slight_smile:

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OK thx have a nice day

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