Youtube vaced installation issues for MIUI users

Hi folks,
I want to install Youtube vaced app on my non-root Redmi K20 phone (MIUI). I have tried a couple of methods listed on their website such is installing apks using SAI; using the manger etc… None of the methods I tried worked properly.
The installation via manager seems hasslefree to me, but the only problem is I have to disable MIUI optimization to install MicroG.

I have started this thread to discuss all about the process and the pros and cons of disabling the MIUI optimization process.

If you are an MIUI user and gone through the same experience, please feel free to share/advise on the topic.

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Hello man I have mi phone I know how to fix this problem Go to developers option turn of miui optimastion that’s all you problem will fix

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Thank you @Cycka_Blyat. I also came across similar instructions in this post and some others.
My question is what is the probability that disabling miui optimization will not break the phone or cause a critical problem?

Last time I disabled them in a different phone I faced issues in the display and transition effects.

I personally never faced any issues without the “optimisation”

Finally, I have installed on my phone. YTvanced gives better service than Newpipe (just my opinion).
@PrintableCharacter The following process gives me peace of mind.

  1. Disable MIUI optimization.
  2. Install the MicroG and ytvanced app.
  3. Enable MIUI optimization.

Even after enabling MIUI optimization, it works perfectly :heart_eyes:

Thankyou @PrintableCharacter for reading my posts, I am sorry, I was just skeptical.

I have one more question for you, I read some post saying that if you use ytvanced, youtube has all the rights to suspend my account. How much truth is there in such claims?

That is correct. Yes.
Google could theoretically do that but there’s no proof that that has ever happened before.

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