Why is it a in location "all the time" why isn't it an option in blokada 6?

I just want a answer for know for references!


Thanks for posting, not entirely sure what you’re asking, can you please explain what you’re trying to do? and what issue you’re encountering.

Blokada under location permission in Android 10 only gives location while using app it gives the permission should say “all the time” instead of saying "only while using app"like in another location spoofing app please instruct me how to correct this in Android 10 thanks in advance…

Hi, here’s how you can update your app’s permissions:

Go to the app → click and maintain → access the app settings by clicking on this icon (ⓘ) → Click on Permissions - >Click on Location → Change it to only when using the app.

Please let me know if this helps.

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