Why don't you tell the truth?

On your site, as well as on the GooglePlay Store, it says that your app is free. However, we are asked to switch to Blokada+ otherwise it cannot be used. It doesn’t work at all for supposedly free “use.”

Also, you suggest that it can be used for Windows devices. This is not the case at all, because again we have to pay for a Blokada+ version. In addition, there is therefore no way to be able to use the application on Windows and it is all the more important to get your software on PC, because I do not tell you the number of ads and spy that we find there. I think you can get a sense of the magnitude. A VPN on PC with DNS-TLS/HTTPS is never refused (especially for exceeding the limits of streaming servers). 8)

So, please stop lying and tell the truth. Deceptive companies have bad press and lose their customers before they even have acquired them! That is why I would ask you to try to correct the situation by offering us better services in the future. A real free version, better translated into French (that would be very interesting), a version actually running on PC - Windows 10/11.

Thank you for your understanding and support. Have a nice day.



You might want to check out Blokada 5 vs Blokada 6

For Blokada v6 that is available on Google Play, a subscription to Blokada Cloud or Blokada Plus is required.
For Blokada v5 that is available for download through blokada.org directly, a subscription is optional.

A subscription to Blokada Plus is completely optional in both versions and is only necessary if you want the full VPN features to encrypt all your traffic.
If you could quote the specific paragraphs that you believe to be misleading I’ll make sure we improve those.

For Windows, you may try to use Blokada Cloud as described here: Blokada Cloud - #3 by balboah

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Yes, I clearly noticed the difference, but after switching to iOS there’s no way for me to use the free version (Blokada 5). Why would an entire userbase be excluded from using this app without a paywall. Can’t both apps have different app store slots? Since they are supposed to be so different from each other.


For iOS in particular, there’s a long discussion about this topic here:

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I understand the issue at hand, pardon my ignorance. I was just sick of using the blokada alternative that I paid for. Is there any way I can make a one time payment for blokada cloud?

We don’t have a plan to introduce a “lifetime” subscription option no, but there is a one week free trial for the Blokada Cloud option in most regions.

Blokada v6 moved the processing to happen remotely instead of locally and thus requires Blokada to maintain a highly available cloud service or your internet stops functioning.

We believe the price we set to be fair and the benefits vs the old way to be many:

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Im sure that the right decisions were made and that blokada 6 has more benefits and will help many more than hurt. But why dont i have a choice on iOS? I can deal with the performance and battery toll that local dns processing will take on my device. Im sure im not alone but i am definitely in the minority so I understand all of the decisions that were made. At this point im just asking for blokada 5 to be listed on the app store separately but if thats not possible or in the best interest of Blokada, then i totally understand.

Yes, you can use WireGuard, which is what I am using on my laptop.

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