Whitelist Apps in Cloud

There seems to be no way to whitelist apps (ie. Signal, Spotify, Teams, Slack, etc.) in the cloud version and I do not know what activity belongs to what app necessarily. Do I still need to run Blokada on my mobile devices so these apps can be excluded? I was under the impression this could be handled from the cloud platform to eliminate the need for Libre on the devices.

Really? So is this a dumb question or nobody really knows an answer?

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You cannot exclude entire apps from cloud right now. You can however exclude individual domains. This is a trail and error game. The current android app does not have a cloud integration yet. You cannot use it together with cloud. There is no ETA when the release schedule will be applied back to the app. That’ll happen in a couple of days/weeks

Thank for your prompt answer and explanation. Since I utilize three separate VPN services (Bitdefender, Surfshark and Express VPN) already, I’m not in need of the Plus version. If the Cloud version has no current in depth functionality with the mobile versions, It seems I should just stick with the Libra app.

It may be due to lack of proper research on my part, but this would have been great information to have before purchasing a year of a service I don’t need. Thank you again for the information @PrintableCharacter.

We’ve a 7-days-money-back guarantee.
Blokada cloud works. It does it’s job of adblocking. You just cannot exclude entire apps but domains yet.


I’ll assume you’re on iOS since that’s the only place you can purchase Cloud separate from Plus.

Please be aware that bypassing particular apps has never been technically possible on iOS, even before Blokada Cloud.

Also be aware that Blokada Cloud doesn’t work while 3rd party VPNs are active on iOS.

We may include lists of domains that are known to belong to a certain service in the future, but for now you’ll have to add entries to be allowed by yourself.
You may also add entries as wildcards such as *.example.com through the web dashboard at app.blokada.org.

Thank you for responding @balboah . I might not have explained it very clear, I’m a field Marine turned government weenie. I do have android and had to purchase the Plus level to get access to the Cloud interface. I knew I didn’t need the Plus VPN but thought the concept of centralized cloud management and reduction in application drag on the devices would be worth the price. Now it just seems a little confusing. Although the cloud does do a good job of single address blocking, I love that I can whitelist a complete app on Libre. This is just an easier way for me to do it, since I don’t know what requests are app related or not.

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