What is the Stellar address to pay Blokada Plus?

Hello, Support,
I want to upgrade to BlokadaPlus. For this I wanted to use crypto currency. To which (Stellar-) address do I have to send it ?
On the page (app.blokada.org) and in the app (Android) I did not find anything about this.
Many greetings

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Where did you download blokada from? I’d recommend you getting it either from our website or through F-Droid.
Within the Blokada Plus tab you’ll notice the “My Blokada Plus” button. There you’ll have to press “activate account” and you can use the crypto currency as the payment method :slight_smile:

got the app from the F-Droid Store.
Yes, I can choose Crypto as payment method - but after that the Blokada app is waiting for the payment and I don’t know how to send it to which Stellar address.

Do you have keybase installed?

No - absolutely not. They are now part of Zoom and do not meet my privacy requirements.

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We’ll get back to you until we’ve checked for an alternative payment method :smiley:
Thanks for bringing this up

You need to have a Stellar wallet installed for payment to work.
Keybase is recommended since we have tested it extensively and it’s convenient since it also includes a chat for support. But you may also try using another wallet such as

Let me know if you’re having issues finding a wallet that works for you.
Thanks for supporting Blokada by considering the Plus service!

Hello, Balboah,
thank you for your answer and the clues.
I use as wallet ellipal (with cold wallet). I have set up XLM there, but have not yet bought one. So far Blokada stops at “Wait for payment confirmation…” and I can’t see any request in the wallet.
It would be great if there were a few more tips.

The reason why it stops like this might be that the wallet that you’re using doesn’t yet support the signature signing web link standard called sep-0007 (which Keybase & LOBSTR does).

This can’t easily be accepted with manual payments since the payment needs to send metadata such as which currency rate and Blokada account ID you want to use.

Would it be possible for you to use a different wallet?

This will be the reason - “SEP-0007” is probably not yet supported by the app.
Too bad - I’ll check if I can install an additional warm wallet.
Maybe you can check if issuing a QR code in Blockada would be a payment method for the future.
Source Github:
“QR Codes
Alternative forms of transmitting payment requests, such as QR codes, should follow this URI Scheme so it is compatible with existing wallets. In order to communicate a SEP-0007 payment request via a QR-code you should encode the whole SEP-0007 URI into the image rendered by the QR-code. Thus, on reading the QR-code you will get a SEP-0007 encoded URI as the output without having to do any additional processing. Any error correction should be taken care of by the QR-code generator.”

Unfortunately, QR codes would trigger the same flow and would still have to be supported by the wallet.
Let me know once you try a different wallet if you’re still having issues.
If you have different wallets on your other devices, you can activate your account on app.blokada.org instead of through the app.

mmhh - that’s pretty confusing. It would be helpful to refer to this particular kind of prerequisites in the Blokada instructions. Especially that the wallet must be located on the device on which you want to pay BlokadaPlus.
I will now try the App Solar on Android. It is only for Stellar and open source.
At the same time I am in contact with Ellipal to complement their APP to support SEP-0007.

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