How to get free access to Blokada Plus using Stellar?

Update June 2020: Stellar Airdrop is over. However, we still recommend trying out Stellar, it’s still a great way to subscribe for Blokada Plus.

We have been positively surprised by your interest in Blokada Plus. Over the last several weeks we have been working hard to improve it and provide features you ask for. Among other things, we have added multi device support, improved the UI design based on your feedback, added support for x86 devices and integrated several payment options. Today, we are adding another way to get access to Blokada Plus - using the Stellar platform. Here I explain how to start, and how to use it to purchase Blokada Plus, without paying.

What is Stellar?

Stellar is a modern payment technology that is fast and cheap. It uses its own cryptocurrency, Stellar Lumens (XLM), which you can hold using a wallet app, like Keybase.

What is Keybase?

Keybase is a messaging app as well as a cryptocurrency wallet. It’s a great way to start using Stellar.

Why use Stellar to get Blokada Tunnel?

  • No fees paid to banks
  • Payment is very fast and simple
  • No need to provide an email address

Last but not least, there are several ways to earn free Stellar Lumens, which you can use to get access to Blokada Plus for free!

How to get free Stellar Lumens?

  • Learn Stellar. Earn XLM: You can earn XLM simply by watching some content about how it works.
  • Keybase Stellar airdrop: Keybase is currently running a promo campaign and is sending $20 worth of XLM to existing Keybase accounts. Check your account, you may be eligible!

The airdrop is closed for new users at the moment of writing, because of a brute force attack. However, it is possible Keybase will open it up again in the near future, in which case new users will be able to join to the airdrop. Stay tuned!

How to buy Stellar Lumens?

In case you didn’t succeed in earning free lumens, there are multiple cryptocurrency exchanges that allow you to buy XLM with more traditional methods or with other crypto such as Bitcoin.