Please tell me where to pay?

I have searched nearly everywhere on this site and cannot find where to upgrade and pay? I saw something that says to click the orange dot but I only have a green dot and it doesnt work. IOS user. Just signed up but will find another service if I cannot pay for my service soon. Yes, I am frustrated because I have been trying to upgrade and pay since I created my account but am finding that it is nearly impossible to do.

Hello there,
If you’d like to subscribe to blokada Cloud only, you can do that from within in blokada ios app.
You can upgrade to blokada+ on
Please note that you currently cannot subscribe to blokada Cloud exclusively on The necessary website changes for that will be made in the near future

I just signed up and want to pay because this service comes highly recommended to me. The problem is that I am finding that it is impossible to figure how to pay on this web site. Where do I pay? Also, I highly recommend that Blokada changes the site to make it easier to find where to pay.


Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we are going to update the website soon.

Currently, to activate account, you simply navigate to the website, then tap “Generate new account” (and write down your account ID) - or use your existing account - , then tap the “Upgrade” button either in Sidebar or in the main part of the website (called “Upgrade to Blokada+”).

Then make sure you use the same account on all your devices. You can restore your account ID in any of our apps.

Hope this helps.

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