How to upgrade to blokada plus? Can you pay in app without having to go to the website like Netflix does?

I’m new to blokada, so please, help me.

On iOS, you can pay directly in the app. Just tap the big power button on the home screen and it should open the plans for you.

Alternatively, you simply go to this website and choose “Activate”:

Just remember to take note of and use the same account ID in the app then.

I’m currently in another account on my app, how do I log out of it? And go inside the account that I’m buying Blokada plus in? And last question, how do I stop auto renews for subscriptions, if the app has a system like that?

You don’t log out per se, you can switch (restore) your account to another. Just go to Settings tab → Restore purchase.

You can also manage your account from the web portal:

You can also disable auto renew there. But if your subscription is on App Store, then you use the App Store app to manage your subscription.

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