What extensions should I remove in Firefox?

Is Ghostery redundant? Should I remove it?

You should only keep uBlock Origin and perhaps Bitwarden if you use it.

A quote from Wikipedia:
"Under its former owner Evidon, Ghostery had an opt-in feature called GhostRank. GhostRank could be enabled to “support” its privacy function. GhostRank took note of ads encountered and blocked, then sent that information back to advertisers so they could better formulate their ads to avoid being blocked.[20] Though Ghostery claims that the data is anonymized, patterns of web page visits cannot truly be anonymized.[21] Not everyone sees Evidon’s business model as conflict-free. Jonathan Mayer, a Stanford graduate student and privacy advocate, has said: “Evidon has a financial incentive to encourage the program’s adoption and discourage alternatives like Do Not Track and cookie blocking as well as to maintain positive relationships with intrusive advertising companies”.[22]

Since July 2018, with version 8.2, Ghostery shows advertisements of its own to users.[23] Burda claims that the advertisements do not send personal data back to their servers and that they do not create a personal profile.[24]"

I don’t really know why anyone still uses ghostery these days. ublock origin is far superior.


I don’t recommend using Ghostery, the YouTuber Mental Outlaw said that it do block trackers but they sell information about their users, it’s really fishy

Video mentioned: Three Fast and Simple Ways to Enhance Your Browsers Privacy and Security. - YouTube

Basically what I said :smiley:

Oh wait, my bad

I removed Ghostery :ghost:

What about Privacy Badger, Privacy Possum and Decentraleyes? Are those unnecessary with Blokada+uBlock origin?

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