Version Numbering of Blokada

I’m currently running Blokada Version 5.21.0, can anyone tell me what the latest version 5 is, please?
On the homepage it just says Blokada 5 and that’s it. Now that F-droid no longer host the app I have to update from a different source i.e the Blokada homepage, but it won’t update because the F-droid version (my version) was signed with a different signature to that on the Blokada homepage, so I need to uninstall and reinstall.
It would be a lot better and would also make things easier if the version number on the homepage was listed using the Blokada Version 5.21.0 format. instead of just Version 5

Hi please check out this thread it might answer your question

The changelog might be helpful too:

Thanks for replying.
I’ve had to uninstall the F-Droid version and reinstall it from here.
I know how the version numbering works. What I was wondering is to put the build number on the “Download” button on the homepage so it reads Blokada 5 (22.3.7) for each update so the installed version can be cross referenced quickly.


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