Twitter Settings Changes That'll Help Keep Your Data Private

Like every social media platform out there, Twitter is collecting data and sharing it with advertisers to help share targeted ads on your feed, it also collects data when you visit a site that has an embedded tweet or a Twitter share button.

If you care about protecting your private data from being shared with third parties and don’t care about seeing targeted ads on your feed, there are a few things that you can do to stop Twitter from sharing your data.

See what data is being shared about you:

On iOS:

Head to the Personalization and data page in settings, scroll to the bottom and tap See your Twitter data. Here, you can view and edit Your Profile but better information can be found on the Interests and ad data tab. You can view and edit the interests Twitter assumes about you and also request a list of the advertisers with whom Twitter has shared your data be emailed to you.

On Android:

Head to the Your account page in the settings & privacy, there you’ll see the option to download an archive of your data, from there, click or tap the “Request Archive” button.

Twitter will send a verification code to your email address to confirm it’s you. Enter the verification code and then you’ll get a message saying the request has been received.

Twitter privacy settings

To do so, tap your account picture in the top-left and go to Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety and then scroll down and tap Personalization and data at the bottom of the page. At the top is a toggle switch to disable all personalization and data settings. You’ll find this setting on both mobile Twitter and on the web.