Trouble changing DNS resolver

Hi there

I am running graphene OS on a pixel 4

With blokada latest version from the f droid store.

I am wondering how to change the DNS resolver to my provider which is next DNS.

Is this possible on the play store version or another version.

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If you are using Blokada 5 you can do it by going to the advanced tab → Networks → All Networks → choose the DNS server you want.

I don’t think Next DNS is an option though

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Hi there @Reda_Labdaoui

Actually I’m not able to change to my desired DNS resolver

Nextdns isn’t there and I can only choose the ones
Can I use Dns via Https perhaps?

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Unfortunately, Blokada 5 doesn’t allow custom DoH.

You might want to try Blokada 6 with Blokada Cloud, similar to NextDNS.

Please point out any features you think are missing

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Oh okay I didn’t know there was a blokada 6 is that on the fdroid store, ? Or is there a repo you could direct me to…

Yes it is only available on Google Play Store.

You can find all the latest versions here: Blokada - the popular mobile adblocker and VPN for Android and iOS

Also related to F-Droid, be aware of F-droid update is not reliable

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