The benefits of Blokada DNS

This article is work in progress…

We are pleased to present to you something we have been working hard on for quite some time now. We are introducing our brand new DNS service, called Blokada DNS.

What is Blokada DNS?

Blokada DNS is the next step in the Blokada journey that the community set off to follow, for the last several years: to protect your digital privacy. It is a modern, secure, fast DNS service that you can use on any device, and any platform, and stay protected no matter where you are.

What are the benefits of Blokada DNS?

  • Use the DNS service made by the team you have been trusting for many years
  • No need to use providers with questionable track record, like Cloudflare
  • No logging of your queries, no sharing of your information with a third party
  • No slowdowns, automatically use the location closest to you thanks to our VPN network
  • Native support in the open source Blokada apps (Android and iOS)
  • No configuration needed, plug and play
  • Encrypted traffic (DNS over HTTPS support)
  • Enhanced privacy when using Blokada DNS in Plus mode
  • Soon: automatic built-in adblocking and content filtering

Is it free to use?

Blokada DNS is of course free to use in Libre mode, similar to how our apps are free to use forever. Additionally, Blokada DNS will deliver some cool features for Plus users.

Here is the additional features we are planning to provide soon for everyone using Blokada Plus:

  • Web dashboard for statistics and insights from all of your devices in one place
  • Configure adblocking and content filtering (similar to the Blokada apps, but for all devices at once)
  • Faster and more battery efficient thanks to using Wireguard encryption

How can I choose to use Blokada DNS? It’s not appearing in the DNS choices in the app.

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It is if you’re using the most recent v5.4 beta

High… Can I use Blokada & Blokada DNA with my installed VPN, viz. PROTON VPN, please?


Does Blokada DNS protect against CNAME cloaking? I currently use the AdGuard DNS because they say it does this.

  • Blokada 5 for iOS does CNAME blocking
  • Blokada 5 for Android does not do CNAME blocking yet (but will do soon)
  • Blokada 4 does not do CNAME blocking (right @Faedrak?)
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How can you say you “protect your digital privacy”, when you use Google for Blokada DNS, as shown in another thread?

Also, where’s Blokada 4.11 (or newer) that you mention in another thread, as well, as on the site there’s only 4.9 available to dl; can you provide a link to it (thx)?

I’m reverting to v4, as v5 doesn’t filter pre-existing wildcard filters, like *, and I’m not really willing to have to unblock the countless individual googlevideo URLs, to be able to watch YouTube videos, sorry.

V5 should’ve never been released without at least v4 options having been implemented and working, so I’ll wait until that happens to update again.

That is simply incorrect. We do not do that.

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That doesn’t proof that we’re using a Google dns.
We’ll investigate this issue. It’s possible that it’s just the browser acting up.
Check the thread. I’ve sent a reply there. Perform tests yourself and inform us about the results

Ok, my bad, sorry; did the extended test and got only lon(don?)
Can you tell, though, what settings for the dns, other than doh (white/black list, logs, etc), and why doh, and not dot/crypt, for instance?

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Is blokada dns already using built-in adblocking and content filtering ?

Blokada DNS isn’t supposed to be filtering anything

Isnt this filtering?

But that’s not implemented yet. And it’ll be optional

Yep we are working on it as we speak. Coming soon.

Coming soon, is that the blokada cloud thing? Also, most of the benefits seem to be “you can trust us!” which leaves me unenlightened of the benefits. I still use it anyway but recently switched to cloud.

Yes, Blokada Cloud is the successor. You can find more info about it here.