Switching RECENT and TOP in Activity tab

I can’t switch RECENT and TOP in Activity tab in Blokada 5.6.0 for Android and Blokada 5.7.0 Beta for Android.

  1. Download from blokada.org
  2. Device : Sony Xperia XZ Premium Android 9Pie Custom ROM : No
  3. I can’t switch from RECENT to TOP by tapping TOP.
  4. I found it yesterday but maybe it has happened since update.
  5. I can access TOP by tapping activity after tapping TOP. But sometimes it makes blokada freezing.

△ I tap activity

△ I tap TOP but still same

△ I tap activity. refreshed

And another question, why number of occurrences are displayed as 99 in activity tab?

The icon is set up to display 2 digits, so after 99 hits consider it as 99+

Thank you.
How do you think about switching TOP and RECENT? Can you switch it on your device?

Yes I can switch back and forth no problems. Try to delete cache in settings applications and restart program.

Thank you for your advice.
I tried both but still same problem.

OK I assume you already tried to reinstall beta or stable. 2 final thoughts: clear activity data from 3 dot menu, that will start hit report from scratch, final clear application data but be sure to copy your subscription ID if you lose it you will need to restore purchase.

Thank you very much!
I found its solution is to clear activity data from 3 dot menu.
Thank you for your advice!

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